Better Beauty | IMPORTANCE OF COUPLE SKINCARE ROUTINE A Fun & Intimate Activity For Couples

Whether it’s a movie date night or going for a hike or swaying to the dance moves, couples are now indulging in fun activities to strengthen their bond. Be it the old-school charm of a fine dining dinner date or the millennial couple’s choice of hanging at their favorite café, it’s the little moments that make a relationship magical.

Falling in love is not easy, but it is harder to stay in love and keep the spark alive. But there are a few things that happy couples do differently – build habits together, do exciting bonding activities, and maintain consistency. With the season of love around the corner, it’s time to spice up your love life and indulge in something that’s an amazing bonding activity – COUPLE SKINCARE ROUTINE.

Let’s just say – “Couples who do skincare together, stay together.” Agree? Here’s how you can start a couple-skincare routine and enjoy a fun, intimate time.

Get them (read him) to know skincare 

Buckle up! This is one hell of a task, but love makes everyone do cute stuff, isn’t it? Women are more into skincare – four-step, six-step, or even ten-step skincare routines, it’s a universal truth. Remember the scene from Big Bang Theory when Rajesh Koothrappali puts a sheet mask on and says – “I can actually feel toxins being pulled out of my skin” and instantly flips saying – “I can actually feel all the moisture going into my skin”, as he learns it’s a moisturizing mask. Yes, that’s how much most men are ignorant when it comes to skincare. Planning a skincare date means first getting him acquainted, but with love.

Enjoy a happy mask time together 

Do you even need to visit a salon if you can pull off the happy mask thing together at home? Throw in some cool skin care treatments as you spend a lazy day together – let’s bring in the face mask. Put on some candles, jump in your comfy clothes, and it’s time to apply that mask together. Help your boyfriend or husband apply the mask with a brush and enjoy your favorite movie, or simply just sit back & relax.

Give a skincare gift to them 

One of the best ways to indulge in a skincare routine is to gift each other a box of clean skincare beauty products. It's nevertheless a reminder that love and skincare is what you need to wear that glowing skin. With curated gift boxes, surprise each other and also enjoy an everyday skincare routine together to bond better & stronger. 

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Hydration sheet mask with some wine

February is cold and with love in the air, don’t forget to keep your skin hydrated. Remind each other to use a hydrating cleanser or moisturizer that keeps your face supple and happy. We have got a plan for you to enjoy a fun skincare activity as a couple – put on the hydrating sheet mask together and sip on some wine. Hydration is a bigger problem for men, so be a doll and remind your man to hydrate well before sleeping.

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Dose of Vitamin-C for that extra glow 

Vitamin C is a good idea for both men and women. The power of Vitamin-C is undeniable and it’s just that one thing you got to convince your man of. Serums infused with Vitamin-C are great for flawless, bright skin. Let’s build a fun bonding couple activity around it, shall we? Make it a cute weekly routine where you put on Vitamin-C serum or facial oil, bring out the jade rollers or gua shas and give each other a relaxing face massage.

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Dot each other’s cheeks with moisturizer 

Seen those cute videos where couples cutely dot each other’s face with moisturizer and do that cheek rub? Sounds romantic, right? Now you can be that couple, cute and fun. Dab and dot each other’s face with some moisturizer and gently tap. It’s something that’s bound to get you close and is a fun, intimate activity for all the couples out there.

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Spa session or a massage therapy 

Destress this love season by booking a couple of spa sessions or go for a massage that deeply relaxes and rejuvenates. Spa therapies are fun and are a great way to promote cell regeneration. If you haven’t ever tried a couple of spa sessions, it’s time to book one and experience the delight of bonding experience. Whether you want to go for a facial massage or a steam sauna session, indulge in what is fun for you.

Ever tried a couple of skincare routines? Trust us we say it’s a super fun, intimate experience and keeps the spark alive.