Fight Acne Marks and Dark Spots with the Goodness of Alpha Arbutin

Better Beauty | Fight Acne Marks and Dark Spots with the Goodness of Alpha Arbutin

Acne often marks its territory and leaves scars behind raising a plethora of skin concerns. It starts with uneven skin tone and accelerates to bigger concerns like fine lines, wrinkles, and blemishes. Irrespective of religious skincare routine, acne is that devil that causes spots, ruddy skin texture, and dulls the skin.

Where there is a problem, there is also a solution. If acne scars and uneven tone are what constantly keep you worried, allow us to introduce one of a kind, skin-friendly ingredient – Alpha Arbutin. The magical ingredient brightens skin, reduces dark spots, lessens the appearance of acne scars, and extends the delight of even skin tone. Let’s get a little up and close with Alpha Arbutin, shall we?

What exactly is alpha arbutin? 

Arbutin is a molecule that is extracted from the bearberry plant. It is used across many skincare products for its ability to prevent melanin formation. Alpha arbutin is a tyrosinase inhibitor that prevents the enzyme from oxidizing tyrosine and hence reduces melanin production.

Pigmentation and brown spots often are caused by cells known as melanocytes, consisting of enzymes called tyrosinase. On coming in contact with the sun and exposure to UV light, it starts developing freckles and sunspots. This is when alpha arbutin comes into the picture – a stable, skin-friendly ingredient that blocks tyrosinase and says goodbye to spots.

Better Beauty | Fight Acne Marks and Dark Spots with the Goodness of Alpha Arbutin


Benefits of including alpha arbutin in skincare 

Discovering the bountiful skin benefits from alpha arbutin, it is generously used in a range of skincare products like serums, moisturizers, toners, face masks, etc. Let's dive right away into the benefits and how it helps reduce acne marks and dark spots:

Reduces uneven complexion

Alpha arbutin inhibits tyrosinase, an enzyme that is responsible for melanin production. This improves complexion and helps with fading of the dark spots. It also provides UV protection and to a degree reduces skin darkening from sun exposure through tyrosinase inhibition. It also lessens acne scars that otherwise leave purple, red, or brown marks.


Treat dark spots and hyperpigmentation

Topical application of alpha arbutin-infused skin products reduces the appearance of dark or age spots, freckles and sun spots. Arbutin also helps with treating melasma (a condition known to cause grey-brown patches on the face often caused due to hormonal changes). With reduced melanin production, it brightens tone and gives a radiant luminosity while fighting signs of ageing.

How to include alpha arbutin in skincare? 

It’s not difficult to include alpha arbutin in your day-to-day skincare regime. One of the best ways to give your skin the love of alpha arbutin is through the serum. Stock up serum enriched with alpha arbutin and gently dab it on your face after cleansing and toning. After using an alpha arbutin-rich serum, make sure to mask your face with a moisturiser. It is also present as the star ingredient in overnight masks and face creams.

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Alpha Arbutin is gentle on the skin making it a perfect choice for everyone, irrespective of skin type. With regular use of alpha arbutin, say goodbye to dark spots, and acne scars and hello to bright, even-toned skin.