Ferulic Acid – The Unsung Hero of Skincare

Better Beauty | Ferulic Acid – The Unsung Hero of Skincare

With tons of skin-friendly ingredients gaining prominence, ferulic acid often goes unnoticed. Most of the formulations use a combination of ferulic acid and Vitamin C, but the latter is more in the ranks of popularity. Ferulic acid for the uninformed is a powerful antioxidant that protects the skin from free radicals. Neutralizing the free radicals is one of the best ways to reduce the early signs of ageing like premature fine lines, dark spots, irritation, wrinkles, and more.

The combination of ferulic acid with other ingredients like niacinamide, Vitamin E, and Vitamin C is known to enhance the efficacy of other antioxidants. Let’s dive into what exactly ferulic acid is and how it helps in fighting premature signs of ageing.

What is Ferulic Acid? 

It is a type of antioxidant that belongs to the chemical compounds known as hydroxycinnamic acid. It is a plant-based antioxidant primarily used for the formulation of anti-ageing skincare products. With its antioxidant properties, it is responsible for protecting the cells from free radicals and reducing damage to the skin.

Although it has an independent effect, its combination with Vitamin C, E, and niacinamide helps with skin rejuvenation and evens skin tone. The potency of the vitamin ingredients is further enhanced by the addition of ferulic acid in the formulation.  

Benefits of Ferulic Acid in Skincare 

Ferulic acid is a powerful antioxidant that offers maximum protection to our skin against pollutants, environmental stressors, and free radicals. Also, it boosts the efficacy of other vitamins making it a favourite inclusion of a range of anti-ageing skincare products.

Here are some benefits of using skincare products enriched with ferulic acid:

Reduces early signs of ageing

As it functions as an antioxidant, it helps in neutralizing free radicals or harmful molecules produced by UV light or pollution. As an antioxidant, it protects the skin and reduces fine lines, wrinkles, and prevents signs of ageing. It prevents the breakdown of collagen ensuring the firmness of the skin.

Calms skin and reduces inflammation

Ferulic acid is gentle on the skin and helps in reducing inflammation. As it scavenges the free radicals, it protects the cells from DNA damage and imparts anti-inflammatory properties.

Stabilizes other ingredients

Ferulic acid pairs well with several other ingredients and improves its overall efficacy. It works well with Vitamin E, Vitamin C, and resveratrol and further stabilizes the same. Ferulic acid along with other vitamins leaves skin luminous and glowing.

Even tone and reduce spots

Ferulic acid prevents clogging of the pores and visibly plumps up the skin. Also, the antioxidant component minimizes the appearance of dark spots, reduces redness, and promotes healthy, radiant skin. Regular use of ferulic acid serum or moisturiser significantly reduces spots, blemishes, and hyperpigmentation.

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